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jane eyre——a beautiful soul

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jane eyre——a beautiful soul
jane eyre is the first english novel i have ever read. when i did my first reading, i did come across a lot of new words and quite difficult expressions. it was the touching and inspiring story of jane eyre that kept me reading until i finished the whole story. i feel like sharing some thought with my classmates after i read this book again in this summer, when i finally had time to appreciate the beautiful language of the novel and pretty soul of the main character--- jane eyre.
jane eyre is the masterpiece of charlotte bronte, one of the greatest female novelists in the history of english literature. this is a story about a special and unreserved woman who has been exposed to a hostile environment but continuously and fearlessly struggling for her ideal life. jane eyre is an orphan, whose parents went off when she was very young. her uncle becomes her guardian. after her uncle’s death, her aunt, mrs. reed, a harsh and unsympathetic woman, abuses her often. she has a hard and terrible childhood. but these sufferings from being humiliated and devastated teach jane to be preserving and value dignity over anything else. after graduation, jane got a job to be a governess in thornfield garden. there she makes acquaintance of lovely adele and the garden’s owner, rochester, a man with strong affection but cold face. after jane and rochester fell in love with each other and got down to marry. she unfortunately comes to know that rochester has got a wife who is mad and locked in a private room. shocked by the news, jane flees from the house. she goes through many hardships. finally helped by a parson, she gets the job of being a teacher in a village school. when the parson tells jane that he wants to marry her, jane suddenly realizes that rochester is the person she really loves. so she finally returns to thronfield garden. after finding rochester’s misfortune brought by his mad wife, jane chooses to stay with him forever.
after reading this novel, i was deeply touched by jane eyre, who believes that true love should be based on equality, instead of depending on social status, wealth and appearance. poor and plain as she was, she pursued an independent personality and looked for the spirit of equality between men and women. she says, “i am poor, mean, is not beautiful, diminutive, i do not have the soul not to have the heart? you were wrong! when we pass through the grave, stands in front of the god heel, is equal - - because we are equal!” in her opinion, everyone is the same at the god’s feet. though there are differences in status, in property and also in appearance, but all the human beings are equal in personality. although god did not grant her a beauty and wealth person, instead, god gave her a kind mind and a thoughtful brain. her idea of equality and self-respect impressed me very much and make me feel the power inside her small body.
this is jane, and we can never forget her plain face but noble soul; we can never forget her weak body but strong and charming personality; we can never forget her poverty in life but richness in spirit; we can never forget her search for freedom and her positive attitude towards life. that’s what makes her a woman with a beautiful soul. she is really an immortal tale in our mind.

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